• Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

SpaceX launches satellites for NASA and Europe nails rocket landing

SpaceX recently launches ocean-mapping satellites with advanced technology for NASA and Europe. The 70-meter rocket Falcon 9 took off from Space Launch Complex 4E from the Vandenberg Air Forces, California.…

$1.2 billion New Funding for GalaxySpace

Many companies are willing to invest their funds in communication satellites. This is because the demand for these satellites is increasing day by day. One of these companies is GalaxySpace.…

The UK ban on new fossil fuel vehicles by 2030 ‘not enough’ to hit a climate target

The prime minister plans to take forward a prohibition of selling of different vestige fuel automobiles by a decade to 2030 will not verve far enough to reach the lawful…

Gentoo penguins are four species, not one

Scientists are calling for a shake-up of the penguin kingdom, saying the gentoo penguin is four species, not one.

Bank of England injects extra £150bn into economy

The Bank of England will pump an extra £150bn into the economy as it warned the resurgence of Covid-19 will lead to a slower, bumpier recovery.